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New Technology Means New Opportunities, But Only for Those with Prepared Minds

  • Professor Hew Gill

Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution real? How will it affect us? Can we prepare for it? These are big questions that most of us know are out there, but surprisingly few people are discussing.

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Increasingly Graduates Must Create Their Own Jobs: Relevant Universities

  • Professor Graeme Wilkinson

The number of young people entering tertiary education is growing worldwide. In Malaysia, the participation rate in tertiary education is steadily increasing and, according to the national “Blueprint for Higher Education”, will rise from 36% in 2012 to 53% by 2025.

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Coming Soon - The Robot CEO?

  • Professor Graeme Wilkinson

There is much talk nowadays about increasing automation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in industry and business.

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Let’s Take Recycling to the Next Level

  • Dr Jolyne Khor Kuan Siew

The demand for non-renewable resources continues to increase at a significant rate. The developed world has adopted a linear, consumption-oriented way of life.

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Prepare for Your Future - Not for a Job

  • Professor Don Bowyer

In my position as Dean of the School of Arts at Sunway University, one of the most frequent questions I am asked by prospective students and their families is “What job will I get with this degree?”. My typical answer seems to surprise them: “Don’t train for a job—prepare for your future!”

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Cryptocurrencies - Boon or Bane

  • Dr Hendry Ng

Cryptocurrencies or digital coins are increasingly used as a primary means of buying goods and services. According to, there were 1,375 different digital coins as of December 2017. The leading cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, ripple and ethereum.

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International Finance Experts Gather in Sunway University to Discuss Financial Innovation

The two-day Malaysian Finance Association Conference 2019 entitled "Charting a New Course in Financial Innovation and Education", was held at Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur. 

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