Sunway University is dedicated to championing sustainability within and around campus in the continuous effort to make the world a better and greener place. By instilling sustainable practices into the various aspects of university experience, the University is nurturing a community of socially and ecologically responsible individuals for today and tomorrow.

In ensuring high sustainability performance in studying, working and living, Sunway University is assuming a pioneering role not only in managing resources but also in supporting the government in realising the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). The following demonstrate the University’s initiatives in building a sustainable future for all.                                                                                       

Green Building Index-Certified Township

Sunway University is strategically located in Sunway City, Malaysia’s first integrated green township to be certified by the Green Building Index. It is a township which has been recognised as a Top Smart City Initiative in Asia Pacific and an Integrated Smart and Low-Carbon Township by IDC Government Insights in 2017, providing students with the experience of sustainable living in a smart city. Students of the University will benefit from the surrounding green spaces and environment-friendly infrastructure such as elevated canopy walkways, conveniently linked public transportations and bio-diversified theme parks – all of which are situated in a pollution-free area.  

Research Centres on Sustainability

Sunway University supports sustainability efforts by driving the best minds to discover new ideas in undertaking economic and environmental issues. The University is proud to be the home of the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development (JSCSD), established in collaboration between the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Association. The JSCSD exists in the capacity to tackle the sustainability agenda through teaching, research, policy and problem-solving practices.

As part of the University’s School of Science and Technology, the Research Centre for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilisation specialises in the area of carbon dioxide waste conversion to help combat pressing global issues such as global warming. The Research Centre for Nano-Materials and Energy Technology also plays an important role in developing sustainable energy solutions, and focuses on the development of new nanomaterials to optimise renewable energy technology.

Green Campaigns and Projects

The University community engages in sustainability culture by participating in various green campaigns held on and off campus. In the biannual e-Waste Disposal Campaign initiative, unwanted large electronics can be placed in a designated waste bin that will be collected for disposal by a certified e-Waste disposal vendor. For smaller electronics such as mobile phones and batteries, e-Waste collection bins are available all year long in strategic locations around campus. Sunway University has also collaborated with NGOs in eco-friendly projects such as the Earth Warriors, in which volunteers join a mass street clean-up to improve and maintain cleanliness of public spaces.   

Green Facilities

To advocate recycling and resource efficiency, the University ensures that students and staff have easy access to amenities that uphold sustainability practices. Recycling bins are abundant around campus and are clearly indicated by colours and signs to encourage effective waste-sorting. Apart from waste management, the University also invests in large industrial fans to not only improve air circulation in campus spaces but also reduce the amount of energy consumed for temperature control.  



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