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Living The Good Life: Psychological Perspectives

  • Professor Alvin Ng Lai Oon

The concept of a “Good Life” is not new. It has been discussed and studied since ancient times, with philosophers and religious figures prescribing all sorts of spiritual and scientific approaches in the pursuit of happiness – to live the good life.

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When One Vision Connects Two Brilliant Minds

From 1974 up until 1999, he served the nation as statesman and deputy minister under the administrations of former prime ministers Tun Mahathir and the late Tun Hussein Onn.

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Optimizing Energy Efficiency in 5G Ultra-dense Networks Using Distributed and Cooperative Learning Model

  • Dr Mohammad Tahir

Over the years, wireless technologies have seen gradual evolution from 1st generation to 4th generation providing a high data rate.

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Taking Valuable Experiences “On the Air”

Sarah Ong Wen Qi is a pioneer of the Contemporary Music (Audio Technology) programme from Sunway University’s School of Arts. After graduating in 2019, she took on the role as a Radio Production Engineer for Astro Radio.

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Publishing a High Impact (Q1) Journal Article: Achieving the Impossible

Getting published in a reputable journal has never been an easy task for most academics regardless of their seniority and years of experience in their field. Academicians spend long hours and effort in writing to journals mainly to achieve one goal: getting it published!

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Ruby Nguyen: The Teaching Entrepreneur

Ruby Hong Ngoc Nguyen is Vietnamese-born and is currently a Lecturer at the School of Hospitality at the University of Economics, Vietnam. Aside from that, she is also an English language trainer, teaching and training under her own brand of “English with Ruby”.

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Tourism Development and Planetary Health: A Destructive or Reconstructive Relationship?

  • Professor Marcus L. Stephenson

Planetary health concerns the fundamental relationship between the health of human beings and the health of the planet.

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Flipping Out: Using Flipped Learning in the Music Classroom

  • Professor George J Hess, Jr D.A

One reason that the author’s online classes went well this past year was that the classes were flipped. A lot of materials for the students were already online.

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Digital Film Production Students Win Laurel Leaves at Virtual International Film Festivals

  • Dr Adrian Lee Yuen Beng

During the Movement Control Order in 2020, film students and lecturers at the Department of Film and Performing Arts found themselves at the crossroads. As gathering in groups was strictly prohibited, and filmmaking not allowed, a pivot was needed.

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There’s No Such Thing as an Impulsive Artist

  • Associate Professor Leow Puay Tin

‘Research’ is a word that doesn’t seem pertinent to the arts. Many people assume the arts to be wholly inspired and created through the artist’s natural or divinely-given talent and passion or genius and impulse. But this is never the whole picture.

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