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Rapidly establishing itself as a University that advances multi-disciplinary research at the global stage, Sunway University is committed to solving global challenges particularly in the areas of sustainable development and planetary health. The University's areas of focus are:

Actuarial Science & Mathematical Modelling • Climate Change & Planetary Health Sciences • Creative Arts, Media, & Culture • Future & Emerging Technologies • Hospitality & Tourism • Medical & Health Services • Psychological & Neurological Sciences • Sustainable Business • Sustainable Science & Technologies.

We welcome enquiries from researchers interested in joining us or collaborating with us, and also welcome applicants for research masters degrees or PhD study with our professors and research centres (see our Programmes page for details on our current masters and PhD programmes).

Interdisciplinary. Encompassing. Inclusive.

Sunway University made significant steps towards becoming a top research-intensive private university in Southeast Asia. Several collaborative moves have been made in the setting up of a few research institutes:

The University's Research Centres are multidisciplinary and some are participated by researchers from other institutions and countries. From Digital Media to South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies and  Accountability and Governance Research (CAGR) the subjects and topics are all-encompassing, exploring potential solutions to real problems.
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The Research Clusters were established in October 2021 to strengthen Sunway University’s research impact and outcomes that are strategic to the development of Malaysia and the global community. A key feature of the Research Clusters is to intensify fundamental and translational research output and outcomes by fostering multidisciplinary research and development activities at Sunway University.

It is envisioned that the Research Clusters will foster strong research partnerships and collaborations with Sunway University’s network partner universities, other institutions, industry and community organisations in Malaysia, the ASEAN region and across the globe – positioning Sunway University as a vibrant and dynamic research platform in the region undertaking high-quality research.

The Sunway International Research Networks were established to foster strategic international collaboration through existing and new research partnerships in addressing grand challenges in the ASEAN region. The Sunway International Research Networks also aim to strengthen engagements with other academic institutions and researchers including key industry stakeholders while extending and expanding the visibility of Sunway University’s footprint in the region.

We also established 11 new networks with partners in ASEAN countries to promote joint conferences, projects, and publications. Sunway University aims to act as a gateway for these foreign institutions into ASEAN and for ASEAN institutions to connect with western top researchers.

Research Highlights

Hospitality & Leisure 

The Important Roles of Salt Substitutes in Food Products

School of Arts

The usage of cross-linking agents, hydrocolloids, and NaCl coating are innovations that help to reduce NaCl and maintain the qualities of food products.
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Computer Science & Information System 

Research Grants to Design Swarm-Intelligence Algorithms

School of Arts

The optimisation algorithms are widely used in applications relating to smart cities (e.g. routing and estimation).
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Communication & Media Studies

Academic Integrity Post-pandemic: Deception and Dishonesty in Digital Age

School of Arts

This article covers what constitutes academic integrity, specifically focusing on the sharp increase in dishonest behaviours among students of higher learning during the pandemic.
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Engineering & Technology

Sustainable Engineering Design to Create Our Future

School of Arts

Engineering professionals design the world and innovate to create our future. It is the key to a transformative technological future.
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