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What Next for Sabah, Sarawak Post-Covid?

  • Dr Goh Chun Sheng

Sabah has taken steps to ensure its palm oil is produced to global standards.

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Sunway University Leads Regional Efforts in Recognising and Solving Climate Change

  • Professor Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua

Climate change is a real threat to life on Earth and carbon dioxide (CO2) is recognised as the major contributor. 

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Pursuing Professional Career Development to Address Technological Challenges of Tomorrow

  • Professor Serge Demidenko & Professor Lau Sian Lun

Sunway University has embarked on developing and introducing its new undergraduate and postgraduate engineering offerings.

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The BSc (Hons) in Biomedicine at Sunway University Receives Full Accreditation by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency

  • Dr Kavita Reginald

The Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Biomedicine began in 2018 at the Department of Biological Sciences, School of Medical and Life Sciences, Sunway University. After three years and rapid growth in student size, it was audited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and was given full accreditation in June 2021 having satisfied the evaluation criteria of the auditors.  

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Research Ties between Sunway University with AstraZeneca get a Timely Boost!

  • Professor Gopalasamy Reuben Clements

Researchers from Sunway’s School of Medical and Life Sciences and AstraZeneca met for the first time to understand each other’s research interests and to explore potential research collaborations. This article briefly describes the main outcomes of this collaborative discussion.

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Sunway Postgraduate Student’s Publication on Long COVID-19 Gains Global Attention

  • Professor Reuben Clements & Dr Jactty Chew

Sunway University’s very own MSc postgraduate, Yong Shin Jie, is doing the University proud by pushing the boundaries of research excellence. Publishing as a single author in the journal ‘Infectious Diseases’ 2021, Shin Jie’s review paper on Long COVID garnered an impressive 118 citations from scientists that were published in international journals such as EMBO Reports.

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Dr Salima Sadruddin Lalani: Gets Accepted as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at a Prestigious US Institution

Dr Salima Sadruddin Lalani who graduated with a PhD in Biology in 2021 from the School of Medical and Life Sciences is now a postdoctoral research fellow at the Albany Medical College in New York, USA. Her impactful work on enteroviruses gained her entry into a highly prestigious medical institution. This article describes her research as well as some sound advice to those who are interested in pursuing their PhDs.

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When One Vision Connects Two Brilliant Minds

From 1974 up until 1999, he served the nation as statesman and deputy minister under the administrations of former prime ministers Tun Mahathir and the late Tun Hussein Onn.

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Nuclear Physics and Perseverance: Detective Tales from Mars

  • Professor David Andrew Bradley

A key instrument on the Perseverance Rover is PIXL (Planetary Instrument for X-ray Lithochemistry), a microfocus X-ray fluorescence instrument that can analyze the elemental chemistry.

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Malaya Before Merdeka: Mirrored in the Life of H.S. Lee

  • Ooi Kee Beng

Lee Hau-Shik was born in 1901—just a decade or two earlier than for those I mentioned above, but the world was quite a different place then. No world war was on the horizon.

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