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Malaya Before Merdeka: Mirrored in the Life of H.S. Lee

  • Ooi Kee Beng

Lee Hau-Shik was born in 1901—just a decade or two earlier than for those I mentioned above, but the world was quite a different place then. No world war was on the horizon.

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Levelling Up Research

  • Karen Lau

Universities are traditionally established to generate and disseminate new knowledge. Yet, as the world changes, so does the purpose of universities.

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Finding Myself in Research

  • Associate Professor Dr Hwang Jung Shan

My father was a businessman. He set up a shop selling and distributing imported spare parts for cars. My mother worked with him and together, the shop became a family business.

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Indian Overseas Migrants in the Colonial Era

  • Professor Crispin Bates

Indians migrated overseas in large numbers from the 1830s onwards following the abolition of slavery in the British empire in 1834 and in the French empire a decade later.

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Racism and Lessons from George Floyd

  • Dr Nur Ain Shahrier

Something more sinister than COVID-19 is hiding unnoticed. For the past five months, the world has witnessed and experienced in awe and fear the unfolding of COVID-19 from one epicentre to another—from Asia to Europe to North America and now South America.

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The Cost Of A Toxic Co-Worker

  • Vijaya Malar Arumugam

As managers are aware, the right employee or team member is crucial in taking organisations along its evolutionary path. Literature is abound with examples of the role that co-workers play to ensure organisations achieve their objectives of both profitability and employee satisfaction.

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Student Consumption and Debt in Victorian Oxford

  • Professor Sabine Chaouche

In 1877, then student at Magdalen College, Oscar Wilde was twice summoned by the University of Oxford proctors to appear before the University Court concerning a £30 debt involving fashionable goods.

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Finding Yourself on a Bench

  • Professor Matthew Sansom

Park benches are an everyday feature in most parts of the world. Typically, they offer respite for tired legs, a momentary break from the office or a moment’s rest while the children burn-off excess energy.

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