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Educational Privilege – How the Playing Field is Levelled at Sunway Education Group

  • Cheah Wei Jin

The United Nation’s 4th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4) on Quality Education emphasizes inclusion and equity as foundational elements of education policies. Malaysia’s multicultural, multilinguistic environment, require visionary policymakers and industry leaders to lead the way.

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New Heroes of Higher Education: The Digital Lecturers

  • Professor Graeme Wilkinson

Over the past year, owing to the Covid19 pandemic, most universities have been forced to make a major shift in they way they teach their students, moving to online teaching or using a combination of online and face-to-face teaching and learning.

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Education: An Equaliser

  • Professor Elizabeth Lee

While many education systems turned to alternative delivery modes, with online learning growing in popularity, it is estimated that remote learning remains out of reach for at least half a billion students across the globe.

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The Future is Physical

  • Prof Hew Gill

It's been a year since the Covid-19 outbreak first became a major international story and educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities, were forced to move their operations online. So what have we learnt and what changes will be permanent?

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What is Cultural Intelligence and How Do We Build It?

  • Prof Michael M Dent

The pace of change is accelerating, or so everyone tells us. On a daily basis, things may seem much the same but big changes are constantly taking place unnoticed. One such change is the rising globalisation of tertiary education.

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A Look Into Cross-Module Assessments

  • Maslisa Zainuddin

I am a lecturer by day and a designer by night (and every other weekend). I design, create and re-make daily, be it while lounging at a café or in my sleep.

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Small Steps to Building Community Service Learning

  • Yeong Hui Yan

In its quest to develop globalised future citizens and individuals who are “intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced”, Malaysia’s Ministry of Education integrated the National Education Philosophy into its higher education policy.

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Let's Make Learning Enjoyable

  • Dr Izian Idris

It is important to make classroom a lively and comfortable place to study. It is a challenge for any academic to create an interest in learning among students because not all subjects can engage everyone.

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