Discipline Area: Computer Science & Information Systems

Re-imagining Borneo in the Digital Revolution

  • Dr. Goh Chun Seng

The digital revolution, also called Industrial Revolution 4.0, has become a major policy focus in developing countries to ensure the nations survive and evolve in the face of disruptive changes in the global economy.

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Sunway Analytics Society Low Code-a-thon

  • Associate Professor Ts Dr Angela Lee Siew Hoong

A low coding competition was organised by the Sunway Analytics Society in collaboration with Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) and Jet Workflow to present the theory of low code while introducing the concept of “Now, Everyone Can Code!”  to a larger crowd.

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The Research Centre for Human-Machine Collaboration (HUMAC) Wins Collaborative Grant Funded by the Government of Japan

  • Associate Professor Dr Yap Kian Meng

The project to predict plant health mapping in Mangrove/Nipah protected area in Belawai, Sarawak, Malaysia has garnered the attention of the Government of Japan with a US$59,900 grant. The technology will also be used to conduct artisanal-fishing mapping and create hotspots where such fishing is conducted at the community level. 

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Sunway University is Now Among the Top 10 Most Prominent Data Science Institutes

  • Associate Professor Ts Dr Angela Lee Siew Hoong

The development of the data science curriculum at Sunway University started in 2009 by embedding four data science subjects into the university’s existing Information Systems degree programme. In 2016, the University launched a full fledge and one of its kind Data Science degree programme to become the first and only private university in Malaysia to offer a full fledge data science undergrad degree. 

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Jagathish Velmunigan: GRAB-bing the Opportunities with Open Arms and Making it Happen

A BSc (Hons) Information System graduate lives the life any graduate would dream of - Regional Manager with one of the largest tech firms, Grab. This article revisits his time at Sunway University and what he has brought with him into the industry, including the people who positively changed his life.

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Tsai Yao Cherng: Life is a Rollercoaster

Life is full of ups and downs but a Sunway education teaches you to persevere, stay positive and take things in your stride.

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ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2021

  • Associate Professor Dr Angela Lee Siew Hoong

Two Sunway University students were crowned ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2021 Malaysian National Champion and 2nd Runner Up in the Regional Finals. 

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Online Supervision and Mentoring: Important Considerations

  • Professor Don Passey

Educators have found it challenging to engage with students since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. While some have successfully incorporated new platforms and digital applications, many are still learning them as they go along. Explore how such platforms can be more effectively used and adopted in online supervision and mentoring.

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Optimizing Energy Efficiency in 5G Ultra-dense Networks Using Distributed and Cooperative Learning Model

  • Dr Mohammad Tahir

As the world moves towards greener technology, energy efficiency in wireless networks is of significant importance. This research aims to address the issues using innovative resource management by combining artificial intelligence and game theory.

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Teaching Online During Pandemic

  • Associate Professor Teh Phoey Lee

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching has shifted from the traditional face-to-face in-class interaction to being completely online where the interaction was done through the various software platforms. The author shares some of the platforms she has tried and tested.

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