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20 Jan

‘Automated Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Device’ Won a Silver Award from RITEC 2021

Development of a novel design and subsequent fabrication of an automated touchless hand sanitizer dispenser to reduce the spread of contagious diseases.

20 Jan

Human-Machine Collaboration (HUMAC) Won Collaborative Grant Funded by Japan Worth US$59,900!

AP. Dr. Yap Kian Meng and HUMAC team won another very competitive International Collaborative Grant funded by Japan’s government with an amount of US$59,900. There were 21 applications from Malaysia and only 2 were successful. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

19 Jan

Prof. Graeme Atherton, Prof. Glenda Crosling and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angela Lee Siew Hoong are Recipients of UNESCO-UNEVOC Grant

The project "Creating an Online Repository on Digital Skills and Competence in TVET", with the main focus being to identify the digital competencies frameworks specific to TVET clinched the coveted UNESCO-UNEVOC grant worth 23,000 euros.

17 Jan

The Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative Comes to Sunway!

Sunway University is proud to be hosting this global programme aimed to facilitate Nobel Laureates in sharing their inspiring journey.

04 Jan

Mines where Academics Can Dig for Gemstones: A Case from a Small Chinese Temple

At a recent a School of Hospitality and Service Management research seminar of the Asia Pacific Centre for Hospitality Research (APCHR), Dr Ku Kei Ieng (Tammy), presented on “Mines where academics can dig for gemstones: A case from a small Chinese Temple”.

21 Dec

Alumnus Arjun Thanaraju is the Co-writer and Actor of the Movie Mentega Terbang

We’re very proud of our very talented alumnus, Arjun Thanaraju for being a co-writer and actor of the movie Mentega Terbang.

17 Dec

Sunway University Leaped to #280 in 2021 as the World's Most Sustainable University

Sunway University has risen from position #473 in 2020 to #280 in 2021 as the World's Most Sustainable University

16 Dec

Dr. Numan and Professor Dr. Mohammad Khalid Successfully Filed a Patent Application for "A Method of Synthesizing Mxene."

In this study, the production method is an evolutionary leap in MXene synthesis and could provide countless benefits like high-power energy storage.

12 Dec

Team Sunway Triumph as Champion in DOTA 2 - Varsity Esports Uni-League 2021

Heartiest congratulations to Sunway students - Ng Jian Ming (ACCA), Byron Young Meng Keen (BCS), Chua Jian Shen (BCNS), Shane Ariel Tan Swan Yaw (BBA), Hew Kent Yeung (ACCA), who have won first place in the recent DOTA 2 - Varsity Esports Uni-League 2021!

10 Dec

BSc (Hons) Psychology Graduate Jun Yang Liew Won First Place at the Toastmasters District 102 Division D Competition

Congratulations to our BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate Jun Yang Liew for winning first place at the Toastmasters District 102 Division D competition recently!



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