SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation 

This SDG focuses on ensuring a clean and stable water supply and effective water sanitation for all people by the year 2030. The goal is a reaction to the fact that many people throughout the world lack these basic services.


Drinking Water

Free drinking water access are provided to staff, students, visitors and community of Sunway University at various locations. A heavy-duty water boiler which can served 25cups of hot water for beverages at any one time is provided in every department's pantries. Water stations are placed at high traffic areas namely Ground Floor & Level 1 for students & visitors. It's provided for Sunway community without charge. Water coolers are placed at the corridors of University's building.



Water Reuse

As Sunway City Kuala Lumpur’s lakes remain a reliable source of water, a plant was built to treat water from the South Quay lake for all Sunway’s commercial assets including Sunway University. The water is treated using a hybrid of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis processes to meet the quality standards of potable drinking water. The water treatment plant can operate at a full capacity of 8.5 million litres per day. Based on the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of 165 litres per person per day, this amount is sufficient to serve water consumption needs of about 51,500 people.

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