ADTP Arts: Music Performance
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American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)


About The Programme

Students interested in majors pertaining to music performance will be registered under ADTP Arts

Music Performance is focused on western art music, with training in practical musicianship, and academic knowledge. It is a practice-based programme in which students would be expected to practice individually, rehearse in ensembles, and perform in both contexts.

This is ideal for students if they have a background in performance with an interest in solo performance and/ or ensemble playing. Music Performance graduates will be equipped for a professional career in music industry as performers, educators, and sessions musicians, utilizing a broad exposure to other related areas including composition and arrangement.

Special Arrangement with School of Arts Available

MUSC 1013 Principal Study 1 3
MUSC 1012 Large Ensemble 1 2
MUSC 1024 Music Theory and Musicianship 4
MUSC 1034 Audio Recording and Production 4
MOHE Proficiencies & General Education 7
Total Credit Hours 30

MUSC 1023 Principal Study 2 3
MUSC 1022 Chamber Music 1 2
MUSC 1032 Song and Aria Class 1 2
MUSC 1042 Large Ensemble 2 2
MUSC 1044 Music Theory and Musicianship 2 4
MUSC 1084 Music Theory and Musicianship 3 4
MOHE Proficiencies & General Education 13
Total Credit Hours 30

Arts & Humanities


Behavioural & Social Sciences

ENGL 1023

Film Appreciation

  ECON 2013 Microeconomics

HIST 1033

U.S. History since 1877

  ECON 2023 Macroeconomics

HIST 1023

U.S. History to 1877

  PSYC 1013 Introduction to Psychology

HIST 3013

Intellectual History to the Modern West

  POLS 2023 American Government & Politics

PHIL 1013

Introduction to Philosophy

  POLS 2014 International Relations

RELS 1013

Survey of World Religions

  POLS 3013 Pacific Asia Today

RELS 3014

World Mythology

  POLS 3024 American Foreign Policy

THEA 1013

Introduction to Theatre

  SOCY 1013 Principles of Sociology

ARTD 1034

History of Art & Design


Science & Technology

  Health & Physical Education  

BIOL 1013

General Biology

  (Check with university)  

CHEM 1013

Chemistry and Society


HPEL 1013

Health & Wellness 123

CSCI 1013

Introduction to Computer Applications



CSCP 1014

Programming I




PHYS 1014

College Physics I