e-Commerce Jumpstart Programme 2.0

About The Programme

The eCommerce Jumpstart Programme 2.0 (eJP2.0) is based on the eCommerce Jumpstart Programme 1.0 (eJP1.0). The eJP 1.0 was a four-week programme to help small medium enterprises (SMEs) to establish themselves online. eJP 1.0 featured twelve hours of lectures, talks and workshops from successful digital entrepreneurs, ecommerce players, and academics. The objective is to enlighten the SMEs on ways they could establish themselves online. The total registration for eJP 1.0 is more than 1500 companies.Partners of eJP 1.0 includes:

- Avana                                        - Cradle 

- Easy Parcel                               - Fave 

- Global eCommerce Talent     - Interpid 

- Kumoten                                   - MAGIC 

- MDEC                                        - Momentum 

- Ourshop                                    - PopBox 

- Powersell                                  - Red Dino

- Shopline - Sun Sea Capital      - The Lorry


Based on the feedback and demand of eJP1.0, eJP 2.0 is a twelve weeks program designed by the SMEs for the SMEs to establish themselves online.



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