Center for American Education

American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)


The Sunway University American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) provides an opportunity for students to experience American education locally. American education is well-known for its holistic and flexible system. Degree course offerings in the American system can be divided into General Education (Liberal Arts requirements), Major/Minor requirements and Electives. The required General Education courses ensure that students study some subjects that may not be directly related to their major but are important for the development of a holistic/well-rounded person. For example, an Engineering student would be required to take Public Speaking. In this age where people from different disciplines work together on the same project, it is all the more important to have knowledge outside one’s own field. 

In addition to being well-rounded, the ADTP is also flexible. Students can change their major in the course of study or may come into the programme undecided. Besides the choice of one Bachelor’s degree major, several US universities offer options of doing double majors or a major–minor combination in different fields of study. Students are able to explore and discover their areas of interest and pursue their major or major–minor combinations accordingly.

The time spent here provides a good transition period for students to get used to the American education system, improve their English language skills if needed and take time to consider which university they would like to apply to for degree completion. Our students normally transfer as junior (3rd Year) students, unless they transfer sooner, in which case they enter as sophomore (2nd year) students in the USA. 

Another advantage of joining the ADTP is that the SAT/ACT exams are generally not required for admission.

The typical Bachelor’s degree in the USA is a four-year degree. Our ADTP consists of approximately two years of study in Sunway University and the final two years in the USA. Our students are not required to study two years locally if they want to transfer sooner; however, with the reduction of years spent in the USA, the total cost for education may be reduced significantly.

Apart from the option of transferring to the USA, students can also transfer to Canada, Australia or New Zealand. If students complete the full two years with Sunway University, they can also transfer directly to the local dual degree programmes offered by Sunway University and validated by Lancaster University, UK.




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