UNESCO-UNEVOC and Centre for Higher Education Research, Sunway University
9 June 2022

This webinar launches a new initiative by UNESCO-UNEVOC to bring together digital skills and competence frameworks in an online portal. The work is led by Graeme Atherton, Glenda Crosling and Angela Lee from Sunway University, Malaysia.

Across the world over recent years, governments, international organizations, and the private sector have been developing frameworks for digital competence which support citizens, policy-makers and practitioners to understand the skills required in the 21st-century digital world. In technical and vocational education and training (TVET), the development of students’ digital skills and competence play a key role in preparing them for effective functioning in the digital economy and society.

The webinar includes inputs from organizations leading on the development of digital competence frameworks at the country and international level. It also outlines new ways forward for extending access to digital competency for all.

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21st Century Changes and Challenges In Learning and the Design of Pedagogy in Higher Education"
2 September 2021

Education is radically changing worldwide, especially in relation to the quantum speed changes in technology, standards and norms, historical definitions of terms and concepts, and culture and values overall. Such effects impact on all fields of knowledge and education, particularly in terms of pedagogical approaches to adult education.

This webinar addressed these impacts and reflect on implications for teaching and learning in education today worldwide, and in Malaysia specifically.

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Virtual Seminar on "Future Higher Education"
2 December 2020

In today’s world, Higher Education (HE) plays an increasingly important but changing role, as poignantly witnessed across the globe recently with COVID-19. This seminar will provide the opportunity for our esteemed HE scholars to present and thus share their thoughts, studies and discussions about HE in dynamic regional and national contexts. The topics presented will discuss the impact of HE on societies, their economic bases, and the role of HE in such changing and dynamic environments.

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Student Learning in Higher Education for the 21st Century
22 November 2018

What is the role of higher education (HE) in this era of Industrial Revolution 4 (4IR)? How can HE shape teaching and learning to prepare students for it?

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Global Higher Education Network (GHEN) Open Seminar Series 2017
8 and 9 November 2017

The potential benefits and merits of cross-institutional and interdisciplinary research collaborations are well known. This seminar examines and discusses how different levels of coordination and institutional support can influence the success of the projects.


Inequality in Higher Education. Meeting the Challenge in Malaysia
10 February 2017

In Malaysia, the importance of reducing inequalities in HE participation is recognised in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015 to 2025, but at the same time Malaysian HE is facing significant funding pressures. The seminar will discuss how to make HE participation more diverse and inclusive in Malaysia in this context.

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Mobilising Diversity to Achieve Academic Excellence
7 March 2016

In Malaysia, as the system adjusts to student diversity, higher education institutions need to ensure the quality of the academic experience for all attending students, without undermining the integrity and rigour of academic standards. Find out how.

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