Intensive English Programme (IEP) & IELTS Preparatory Course

Intensive English Programme (IEP) & IELTS Preparatory Course


About The Programme

The Intensive English Programme (IEP) is a full-time course that equips students with the English Language skills necessary to undertake college or university-level programmes taught in English. Once you achieve the required proficiency level, you will be ready for one of Sunway’s many academic programmes.

The programme covers both oral and written components with an emphasis on English for Academic Purposes. A systematic build-up of teaching and learning strategies enable learners to develop a sound foundation in English.

Higher-level students may choose to take a special part-time preparatory course for IELTS (International English Language Testing System). This course is designed to prepare students for the IELTS, an English Language test which meets the language entry requirement for many higher education institutions worldwide. The IELTS preparatory course involves an additional 30 hours tuition over a 10-week period.


Key Features Of The Programme

  • Highly qualified and caring lecturers with dynamic and learner-centred approaches.
  • Individual attention and special guidance to meet learners’ needs.
  • Useful and varied learning activities such as reading programmes, research skills, presentation skills and project-based learning.
  • A structured and reliable assessment system.
  • Multimedia self-access learning to speed up progress.
  • A truly international campus with students from over 90 countries.
  • Optional IELTS preparatory course for higher-level at in US, Canada or other locations.



January, April, July & September



10 weeks (200 hours) for each Level

Students who wish to take the IELTS preparatory course may take an additional 30 hours of part-time tuition upon completion of IEP Level 4.


Quality Endorsed By

Lancaster University


Programme Structure

The programme consists of oral and written components. The oral component emphasises listening and speaking, while the written focuses on reading and writing.

Students in the programme are streamed into one of four levels, depending on their proficiency. Each level covers 200 hours of instruction over 10 weeks:

  • Level 1 – Elementary
  • Level 2 – Pre-Intermediate
  • Level 3 – Intermediate
  • Level 4 – Upper Intermediate


Entry Requirements

Completion of secondary or high school education, or equivalent.

A pre-entry test will be carried out to ensure students have the necessary skills to undertake the programme and to determine the level of entry.



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