The Post Box Cinema

Post Box Cinema is a three-dimensional work combining sculptural and video elements to create a new media sculpture that reflects the relationship of contemporary life to an idealized vision of nature. The work presents an everyday object, the letterbox, and contrasts it with an idealized video image of a mountain scene that is acting as the shadow of the object. The shadow form is used as a metaphor for the subconscious. As such it presents a vision of the world that is not normally articulated, but is still actively present in our decision making. The juxtaposition of the images is intended to create a relationship between the ideas of modern post-industrial society and 19th century Romanticism. Most specifically how our contemporary culture is still tied to ideas of a desire to return to nostalgic vision of a natural world that false and only possible for a very few at the top of the economic chain. This project was funded by Sunway University (research grant: INTS-2016-SOA-CRCDM).



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