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06 Apr

Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia Program

Global health care leaders must have expertise in leadership, health care finance and human resource management in order to maintain excellence in service and patient care.

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21 Nov

How Quantum Mechanics Might Answer Life’s Biggest Questions

Quantum Mechanics is the most powerful and at the same time strangest theory in all of science. It underpins much of physics and chemistry, and without it we would not have developed modern electronics.

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30 Oct

Energy from the sun: Role of nanotechnology

Energy from the sun is one of the potential sources of renewable energy for the humankind. It is perceived as one of the clean forms of energy as it does not pollute environment.

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30 Sep

MRCP PACES Preparatory Course & Mock Examination

The seats for candidates are full. For doctors who are interested, you can still sign up as observers! Registration is based on first come first served basis.  So register now before we run out of seats for observers.

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