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Aya Onozuka

As I want to study business I need English for academic learning so as to be able to study at the University level. The Intensive English Programme has given me those skills in an enjoyable way.

Xuan Sang Huynh

The most difficult skill for me is academic listening.  In order to improve this, I attend SMILE (Sunway Multi-media Interactive Language Environment) sessions to help me improve.

Samah Tata

The Intensive English Programme teachers are very welcoming and caring. IEP teaching was very enjoyable and fun, which made us want to study more and attend class every single day.

Sunway Students Show Excellence in the Asian English Olympics

Three students from Sunway entered the Asian English Olympics (AEO) 2016 in Jakarta early this year and came back home having learned and experienced much.

Team Sunway Wins the Asian English Olympics Speech Competition

The Centre for English Language Studies (CELS), together with the Student Services Department, sent a team to compete in the Asian English Olympics. Jonathan Moh of CELS led the team of students who are Mirosha Somasundram (ICAEW), Nawal Lyana Nafiz (ACCA) and Lee Seng Zhen (Bac. Accounting and Finance). All four team members are also part of the Sunway University Toastmasters Club.

Lee Si Min

For me, IEP is like a home as the teachers make all the students feel accepted. I feel they believe in us with a passion as the teachers always provide positive feedback so that we don’t feel like failures. This shows their compassion and affection for us.


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