GreenThink! SEG's eWaste Collection Day (2012-2021)

Originated from the GreenThink! initiative, please take advantage of our "eWaste Collection Day" to dispose your household big e-Waste items. FYI, bring the big e-Waste disposal items into our designated big e-Waste collection bin at Sunway University Building foyer for campaign day. For small e-waste items (phone, batteries, charger, …), you can dispose anytime into the green e-Waste collection bins fixed in various campus locations as below:

  • Sunway College, North Building Level G, Cafeteria area
  • Sunway University Building, Level UG, Concourse area
  • Sunway Monash Residence, Ground floor (near management office)
  • Sun-U Apartment, Ground floor (near management office)
  • Sun-U Residence, Ground floor (near block B lift)
  • SIS Building, foyer

On the “e-Waste Collection Day”, we have e-Waste collection trucks with standby workers to collect your e-Waste at Graduate Centre, you may drive your big e-waste items there and pass to them. This collection service is provided FOC, and there is no monetary return for the collected items. Items collected will be properly disposed in DOE-certified centres.

The campus GreenThink! is a venue for Sunway campus community to dispose unwanted electronic devices and electrical home appliances, instead of disposing as regular household rubbish that end up in landfill. title="Certification for GreenThink! SEG e-Waste Disposal (2012-2021)"

Year 2021 1,223kg (8/4/2021)  
Year 2020 758kg (16/1/2020) 1,853kg (19/8/2019)
Year 2019 541kg (24/1/2019) 2,088kg (22/8/2019)
Year 2018 1,090kg 338kg (23/08/18)
Year 2017 623kg  1,563.5kg
Year 2016 878.5kg  581kg 
Year 2015 1,386kg  1,336kg 
Year 2014 338kg  567kg 
Year 2013 740kg  674kg 
Year 2012  12,433kg  168kg