Energy Conservation Programme

Solar Panels Installation by end 2018 and Batteries (1000KW) by end 2019

The solar panels project took off in 2018. The objectives of installing the solar panel are below:

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Switch Off Turn Off Cool Off

The purpose of this campaign was to create awareness amongst the staff and students that a concerted effort was needed to reduce energy consumption . The launch was officiated by the Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) – Energy Commission of Malaysia. This initiative is part of the institution’s continuous implementation of energy management programmes to conserve energy and preserve the environment for our future generation.

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iLab (2012)

Virtual student Lab (2012) Leveraging on application virtualization technology, Sunway is the first institution in Malaysia to deliver computer lab applications to students’ devices. Students are able to run applications within their own notebook, anytime and anywhere while on campus.

This technology eliminated the need for building new labs, which result in saving of RM66,000 of electricity cost and RM400,000 of capital expenditure annually.

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Energy-star Compliant Assets (2014)

All desktop computers, devices and server devices purchase continue meet appropriate Energy-Star compliance standards for power consumption and support energy-conservation features (Version 6.1 effective September 10 2, 2014).

Desktop models deployed will have energy-smart saving mode setting enabled, a simple but effective way of energy-conservation. You will notice your PC going into sleep or hibernation mode after a period of inactivity (such as meetings or short discussion).

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LED Lighting Implementation for new ITS Office (2017)

IT Services is the first department to implement full LED lighting system for new renovated office.
The key reason of adopting LED lighting as below:


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