Sunway Group Dedicated to Educate Staff Through the “Are You the Master of Sustainability?” Board Game

Sunway Education together with Sunway Group has since been committed to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). This year Sunway Group incorporated the Sunway Education Group “Are You the Master of Sustainability?” board game to be part of the Sunway Group New Hires Orientation programme.

The New Hires are expected to learn about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and SDGs, which will prepare them on the right mind and footing to work towards Sunway Group’s vision and mission while they begin their career journey with Sunway.

Sunway Group has incorporated the core value of Excellence during the board game activity. Apart from instilling curiosity from the fun facts of the 17 SDGs, which potentially encourage new hires to explore further about SDGs and sustainability. They will discover that to live the core values of “Excellence” required knowledge, skills, working as a team and continuous improving on the current way of working.

The multiplayer board game is aimed to create awareness and understanding of the 17 UN SDGs, where players can learn and play their part in preserving the earth’s resources for future generations. Sunway University’s staff from JSC and students of the Master in Sustainable Development Management program played a role in the game’s design, development, and the crafting of questions to educate players on the need to find solutions to some of the most pressing social and environmental issues in Malaysia and the world today.