Bear Essentials of Biodiversity: From Passion to Empowerment

On 25 May 2021, Sunway University Press successfully organised the forum Bear Essentials of Biodiversity: From Passion to Empowerment a virtual event held in conjunction with the International Day for Biological Diversity 2021. The event celebrated biodiversity awareness with a forum discussion on bear and wildlife conservation.

The forum panel comprised Asian bear biologists Dr Shyamala Ratnayeke (Sunway University), Dr Wong Siew Te (Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre), Dr Trishna Dutta (University of Göttingen) and Dr Sandeep Sharma (University of Göttingen), and was moderated by Professor Alvin Ng of Sunway University.

The event was officiated and graced by Professor Elizabeth Lee (CEO of Sunway Education Group) and Professor Graeme Wilkinson (Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University). Other guests included wildlife and conservation experts from all parts of the world namely representatives from International Association for Bear Research and Management, Global Environment Centre, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, and Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, as well as academics, researchers and students.

The forum was followed by the launch of the book Sloth Bear: The Barefoot Bear of Sri Lanka co-authored by ecologist Dr Shyamala Ratnayeke and noted wildlife photographer Luxshmanan Nadaraja. The book details the behaviour and life history of sloth bears, and the urgent conservation measures needed to improve the plight of this unique bear species.

Clockwise from top-left: Professor Elizabeth Lee (CEO of Sunway Education Group), Dharsanaa Rajendran (winner of a free signed copy), Ng Wai Pak (winner of a free signed copy), Luxshmanan Nadaraja, Dr Shyamala Ratnayeke and Professor Graeme Wilkinson (Vice Chancellor of Sunway University).

The book is available online at Sunway University Press and at major bookstores such as Kinokuniya, MPH and Gerakbudaya.