Sunway International School Green Team Initiatives

The Sunway International School (SIS) continues to undertake initiatives towards advancing awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Here are some of the activities the SIS community has been involved in under pandemic-hit times:

Earth Day Community Events

A student-led initiative took stage during the 2021 Earth Day. On 22nd April, the SIS Green Team engaged the larger SIS community through a fundraiser and a Kahoot quiz. Even with fewer students physically in school, the Green Team still managed to raise a whopping RM1,050 under three days! Funds were donated to Malaysian Nature Society with their mission to promote the conservation of Malaysia’s natural heritage and ensuring responsible environmental stewardship in this country.

During the Earth Day Kahoot parents, students and staff logged in and participated in a quiz custom-made by the Green Team. The event brought together the SIS community to collectively learn about earth’s environmental status. In all, the event reminded participants about the current state of the climate –revealing some shocking insights into the state of environmental degradation – in order to plant global awareness for personal action.

For more information on our green initiatives, visit us here.


Sunway International Schools are now Eco-Schools

Both SIS Sunway City and SIS Sunway Iskandar are now part of the 328 schools in Malaysia embarking on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both the school and the local community. The programme, organised by WWF, aims to empower students to lead change in creating an environmentally conscious community, and to develop leadership skills and innovative thinking through the design of the intervention activities.

As part of the Eco-Schools Programme, SIS aims to attain sustainability standards in line with the global Eco-Schools awards tiers. There are three levels of awards (in ascending order): the bronze and silver certificates, and the most prestigious and internationally recognised Green Flag. The Eco-Schools programme is currently running in more than 60 countries and one of the largest sustainable schools programme in the world (source here). With both SIS Sunway City and Iskandar having the status of Eco-Schools, SIS environmental awareness programmes can be carried out under the Eco-Schools banner with the aspiration of achieving the elusive Green Flag.