Sunway has the Top Ranked Researchers in the World!

Sunway has the top ranked researchers in the world!

Three researchers from Sunway University -  Prof. Edward Tiekink, Prof. Saidur Rahman and Prof. Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua  were listed in the recently published Mendeley dataset. The ranking was done among the 100,000 authors around the world.

Prof Edward Tiekink was ranked at number 22 and 34 respectively for Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry and Organic Chemistry; followed by Prof. Saidur Rahman for Mechanical Engineering (49) and Energy (50); and Prof. Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua for Energy (626), and Chemical Engineering (727).

For the single analysis in 2019, the rankings were as follows:

  • Edward: Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry (17)
  • Saidur: Energy (21), Mechanical Engineering (19)
  • Kheireddine: Chemical Engineering (284)
  • Pandey: Energy (3333)
  • Yau: Networking & Telecommunications (3226)

Mendeley Data is an open research data repository, where researchers upload and share their research data. Sharing research data is important for science as it enables data reuse and supports reproducibility of studies. In June 2017 Mendeley Data was awarded the Data Seal of Approval, the industry standard certification for data repositories that makes Mendeley Data being recognised as a trustworthy repository to deposit research data.

Read here for more information about the Mendeley Dataset.