Professor Nigel Marsh gives invited professorial lecture at Norwich Medical School

Professor Nigel Marsh from Sunway University’s Department of Psychology recently gave an invited professorial lecture at the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School in the United Kingdom. Professor Marsh was invited to give the address as part of his recent appointment as a Visiting Professor of the University of East Anglia. His lecture was entitled Depression following stroke in older adults: The first year. The lecture was attended by staff and postgraduate students from the University of East Anglia’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences as well as clinicians from the National Health Service.


Professor Marsh preparing to give his invited professorial lecture.


Sunway University and the University of East Anglia have signed an MoU to promote stronger links between the two institutions and this has served as a vehicle for both Professor Marsh and Associate Professor Dr Alvin Ng from Sunway University’s Department of Psychology to establish an ongoing collaboration with Norwich Medical School’s Department of Clinical Psychology. Staff from the Department of Clinical Psychology have made regular visits to Sunway University over recent years and both Professor Ken Laidlaw and Professor Sian Coker from the Norwich Medical School have been appointed as Adjunct staff of Sunway University’s School of Science and Technology.


Some of the lecture attendees including Professors Laidlaw (4th from left) and Coker (1st from right). Professor Marsh is 5th from left.


During his visit Professor Marsh also had a meeting with Professor Dylan Edwards who is the Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. During this meeting Professor Marsh gave Professor Edwards a brief overview of his recent presentation to the ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing which was entitled Factors affecting satisfaction in residents of aged care facilities. They also discussed plans for further research collaborations between Professor Marsh and Dr Ng from Sunway University with Professors Laidlaw and Coker from the University of East Anglia.


Professors Marsh & Coker at UEA


Professors Marsh & Laidlaw at UEA