Professor David Bradley conferred the title of Honorary Professor of University College London

David Bradley, Distinguished Professor and Head of the Centre for Applied Physics and Radiation Technologies at the School of Engineering and Technology has recently been conferred the title of Honorary Professor of University College London.

David will be collaborating with members of the UCL Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering, a department that has a distinguished history, dating from 1896, when the first X-ray device began operating at the nearby Middlesex Hospital.

The radiation research activities at UCL are strongly aligned with David’s own interests, developing novel quantitative systems for X-, gamma-ray and particle sources to ensure that maximum benefit is extracted during radiotherapy, imaging and other forms of radiation medicine analysis. His own investigations of diseased tissues using synchrotron sources and x-ray phase contrast analysis have been pioneering in offering structural and compositional detail at unprecedented levels.

Moreover, his work on glassy and graphitic systems, aimed towards developing robust radiation dose sensitive sensors of exceptionally high dynamic range, have enabled measurements to be made in a variety of challenging situations from the environmental through to levels that alter the structure of media. Application areas of current interest to him include early breast cancer diagnosis, radiation hormesis, border security, new sensors that can map mixed photon/neutron fields in space vehicles, damage in composite materials and deterioration of the bone-cartilage interface arising during the development of osteoarthritis.