Campus-wide Fire Drills

Fire drills are a regulatory requirement, but more importantly they serve to prepare and educate staff in the event of a fire. In a fire, time is one of the most important factors affecting the outcome of building occupants. Participation in fire drills helps ensure that all staff respond quickly and appropriately. Fire drills are routinely reviewed to ensure that opportunities for improvement are identified and addressed.

Sunway University and Sunway College held their Fire Drills in two sessions on 14 and 15 December 2022 (randomly timed between 9 am and 4 pm). This was the first briefing done after COVID-19, the last one being held in 2019. A total of 72 staff participated in the first session and 63 on the second session. Also attended were the ERT Manager - Betty Lai; Historian - Danial Rahman; Emergency Response Teams from Sunway University and Sunway College, the security personnel and the maintenance team.

Two trainers were on hand to guide all the participants and they were En Mohamed Sabri bin A.Shamsudeen (Penolong Kanan Penguasa Bomba), and Encik Muhamad Zuhairi bin Zainudin (Penolong Penguasa Bomba). 

The participants learnt the basic procedures in building evacuation and also the responsibilities of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) team members, especially the floor marshalls. They also learnt  the perfect method of putting out the fire through the cooling, smothering and starving methods. In addition, the participants were taught the different types of fire extinguishers (ABC and CO2) to be used based on the source of fire. For example, CO2 type is mostly suitable for electronic devices or appliances. They also learnt how to operate the fire extinguisher – via the mnemonic P.A.S.S: Pull, Aim, Squeeze & Sweep. 

The floor marshalls are responsible for evacuating the floors during emergency. They were taught to understand the different types of emergency announcements and when to guide those on their respective floors to evacuate the floors. It is imperative for them to know all the escape routes and assembly points to lead those on their floors during emergency. 

All participants, upon completion of the full fire drills received their certificates from the Fire Department (Bomba).

The preparation for the full scale Sunway University fire drill will be held in the 1st Quarter of 2023.


Contributors: Saiful Bahari Abdul Rashid, Kamala Devie M. Govindan, and Nurul Farhana Othman from Health & Safety Office