Workplace Incivility: A Retrospective Review and Future Research Agenda

"Workplace incivility: A retrospective review and future research agenda" has just been published in Safety Science, a Q1 journal by Elsevier. 

Workplace incivility is widely considered as the "cancer" of the workplace. 

While most companies have HR policies to protect employees against aggressive behavior, few recognize and take action on low-intensity deviant behavior (e.g. forgetting to give credit for collaborative work, giving silent treatment, losing temper, sending nasty notes), which can be harmful to both companies and employees in the long run if left unaddressed. 

In this article, Shailja Agarwal, Ritesh Pandey, Satish Kumar, Dr. Pankaj K Agarwal, CFA, Dr. Ashish Malik, and Prof. Lim Weng Marc, PhD identified important gaps involving workplace incivility across cultures and sectors as well as pre-emptive and redressal interventions to prevent and address workplace incivility, and provided 12 specific recommendations to address these gaps and mitigate workplace incivility.

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