Top 10 Academics Associated with Malaysia According to the Scopus Database in 2021

Despite facing the Covid-19 pandemic that came to so overwhelmingly control our lives as well as working remotely most of the time, Distinguished Professor David Andrew Bradley (Head of the Research Centre for Applied Physics and Radiation Technologies) and Professor Mayeen Uddin Khandaker have managed to publish 88 and 105 journal articles respectively over the year 2021, and emerged as among the top 10 academics associated with Malaysia according to the Scopus database (see Fig. 1).

Also, an increase of more than 100% of the research citations (sourced from Scopus) since pre-pandemic year 2019 (see Fig. 2). Overall, 64%, 32% and 5% of the articles are published in the respective quartile Q1 , Q2 and Q3 journals. Out of 35 journals, as can be seen in Fig. 3, articles published in Radiation Physics and Chemistry journal make up 43% of the year 2021 publications.

Congratulations, Professor Bradley and Professor Khandaker!

Fig. 1. The published journal articles over the year 2021 acquired via Scopus database, indicative of the top 10 academics affiliated with Malaysia. Two listed academics, Distinguished Professor David A. Bradley (Bradley, D.A.) and Professor Mayeen Uddin Khandaker (Khandaker, M.U.), are from the Research Centre for Applied Physics and Radiation Technologies, School of Engineering and Technology, Sunway University.

Fig. 2. Citations per year adapted from the sources of Scopus and Google Scholar.

Fig. 3. A percentage of published articles in the Scopus indexed journals.