The 'Statelessness and Education Perspective' Webinar

On the 30th of July 2021, a collaborative committee between the Sunway Diploma Studies and Victoria University Business Programme lecturers organized a webinar in support of the SDGs on quality education, reducing inequalities and an inclusive society.

The online event kicked off with a video called ‘Anak Malaysia’ compiled and produced the Diploma students featuring stateless youths and children. Hosted by moderator Dr. Benedict Valentine, the first session was a series of questions for panel members from various areas of expertise to gain deeper awareness and understanding of the issue.

The panel expressed views from the legal, economic, international and social perspectives on the matter. After the intermission video sharing by national e-sports player, the 2nd part of the session saw three inspiring stateless youths taking questions from the moderator and the audience. Being active youth advocates, they related about the challenges they faced in their quest for education.

The closing video depicted a preview of an original song called ‘Belong’, performed and recorded by student musicians from Sunway Diploma in IT and Victoria University Program produced during the MCO. The event drew participation from Sunway College and University staff and students as well as a few external invited guests.

The significance of the webinar were captured from the insights gained especially on dispelling misconception of the stateless community and addressing the plight they face especially in receiving basic rights which includes access to education opportunities.