Sunway University Holds Successful C&S Carnival

The Sunway University C&S Carnival (Clubs & Societies Carnival) was held at the University Foyer from the 14th to the 16th of February 2023, providing a platform for C&S and SLBs to showcase their clubs, promote their initiatives, and assist students in finding clubs, societies, and SLBs that they are interested in. The Student Life organisation organises the C&S Carnival each semester, with assistance from the Sunway University Student Council's Extracurricular department. Rathi Barkavi, the Extracurricular Department's Temporary Director, was in charge of liaising with Student Life to ensure the carnival ran smoothly.

The event started every day at around 10 AM, from the 14th to the 16th of February. C&S and SLBs had their booths set up at the University Foyer to showcase their club activities. Each booth was unique in its own way, with promotions and recruitment for new members. A total of 30 Clubs and Societies filled up the University Foyer with their booths.

During the three days of the carnival, there were performances by Sunway University students during the lunch hour, from 12 to 2 PM, in front of Fresco. On the first day, there were four performances by Marvin from Student Life, Sunway Jujutsu Club, Sunway Taekwondo Club, and Sunway Music Society. On the second day, Sunway Jujutsu Club, Dj Marvin, and Sunway Music Society performed again, with the addition of Sunway Dance Club. Sunway Jujutsu Club, SUC, and Sunway Music Society followed on the third day.

As 4 PM approached, SUSC members were instructed to inform the Clubs and Societies to ensure they brought their stuff back and that the foyer was kept clean. This process was repeated for the next three days, and on the final day, the University Foyer was thoroughly cleaned up, with no booth tables scattered around.

The event was beneficial to the Clubs and Societies, as it expanded their circle with new members joining in. They also had a great opportunity to promote their upcoming events and create better exposure for their club when students roamed around the University Foyer and took a glance at the events or promotions the clubs were hosting. To wrap up the event summary, SUSC will be helping out for the next C&S Carnival, which will be held in May. We would also like to congratulate Ms. Shaaz for organizing the performances well and entertaining the students during that time. We hope to see you all at the next C&S Carnival soon!