Sunway University Global Supply Chain Students Visit Nestlé

On 15 Nov 2022 -- Trip to Nestlé was a very exhilarating and engaging to Sunway University Global Supply Chain students. We were at their beautiful Petaling Jaya office and experienced a lots of excitement and wonderful moments. We really love the hospitality and the warmth by Ms. Natasha Firdaus (Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition Partner) and the team.

The students we accompanied by Global Supply Chain lecturers Mr, David Chong MBA, Ms. Stella Ong Kim Yoke and Dr Arsalan Zahid Piprani.

We had fruitful sessions with their HR Director (Ms. Mitzie Antonio, FPM) and Supply Chain Executive Director (Mr. Salman Nazir). Then we were surprised by the presence of their CEO (Mr. Juan Aranols) and we were very honoured to have engaged with him.

On this trip we've also met our former President for Global Supply Chain, Ms Winnie Yap who is the DSP Apprentice At Nestlé.

Thank you Nestlé for the opportunities and engagements!