Sunway University's Food & Music Carnival

Sunway University Student Council (SUSC) organized the Food and Music (F&M) Carnival at the Boulevard in Sunway College. The event aimed to help the student community embrace university life despite the subdued nature of physical events caused by COVID-19. The carnival enabled students to form new friendships while providing a platform for Clubs and Societies (C&S) and Student Leadership Bodies (SLB) to raise funds. The event was led by Sritesh Naidu Punniya Seelan, Director of the SR Department, along with Gerald Ang, Marielle Moeko Fernandez, and Kowsalya Sundaram Vairavasundaram, in conjunction with the Extracurricular and External Relations Department. All students were welcome to join for free.

At 1 PM, SUSC members started setting up the facilities at the Boulevard. At 3 PM, 9 C&S and SLBs and 7 external vendors began setting up their assigned booths. At 4 PM, the F&M Carnival was officiated by the energetic emcees, Vanessa Chong and Yan Wai Wong - Secretary and Vice Secretary of SUSC. Many students started arriving at the venue, excited to try the attractive delicacies and activities. The VIPs, Professor Sibrand Poppema, Professor Abhimanyu Veerakumarasivam, and Professor Mahendhiran Nair, also arrived shortly after.

The external vendors were the Bingfen Company, Juicify, Thru Bakes, Tissert, Lady’s Cheerse, and Tug Gelato, who sold desserts and drinks. The C&S were the Sunway Judo Club, who sold marshmallows and cookies; the Sunway University Buddhist Society, who sold sandwiches and savory skewers; the Sunway University Yoga Club, who sold baked goods; the Sunway Indian Cultural Society, who sold Indian street food; the Sunway Student Ambassadors, who sold cookies; the Sunway Baseball Club, who sold hotdogs and Japanese desserts; and the Sunway Psychology Club, who sold pastries. SUSC also sold floats.

The C&S and SLBs provided fun minigames. The Sunway University Buddhist Society offered a balloon and darts game and a bottle game, while the Rotaract Club ran tic-tac-toe, and the Sunway University Yoga Club had roulette and pop the balloon. The Sunway Indian Cultural Society hosted beer pong, while the Sunway Baseball Club hosted a game of knocking down pyramid cans, and the Sunway Judo Club held sports challenges.

At 5 PM, the Sunway Dance Club performed a zestful choreography, followed by talented singer Jynn K. The Sunway University Ensemble performed after the melodious singer Naveena Muthusamy. Leong Wen Jie delivered a groovy song, while dancer Sumaiya Afroz Hridoy impressed with her moves. At 8:30 PM, Charmaine Oon wowed with her vocals. Throughout the evening, winners of the Mellow Jellow giveaway collected their candles and masks.

The SR Department managed to secure 400+ participants while assisting the extracurricular bodies in raising money. The F&M Carnival was definitely a successful night.