Sunway Debate Club Makes History as Grand Finalists

For the first time in Sunway history, we came home as Grand Finalists and amongst the top 10 debaters in Asia at the recent 2022 Asia British Parliamentary (ABP) Championships in Bali, Indonesia. Scroll through this article to check out how team Sunway did!


Sunway A: Grand Finalists, 10th Highest Ranking Team in Asia

Congratulations to Wesley Pu & Shireen Ali from Sunway Debate Club for receiving the award of Top 10 Debaters in Asia. Wesley was 10th best; Shireen was 5th best.

The pair also came home as the Grand Finalists at the 2022 Asian Championships!

Wesley and Shireen are hardly unknown names. The pair have been debate partners for over a year, and during that time have famously brought home multiple accolades for Sunway and have propelled themselves as arguably the best debate team in Malaysia right now. To wrap up a long, hard-fought, rollercoaster time together, they come home as Grand Finalists at the Asian Championships; they were the only Malaysian and only non-Filipino team to make it to the Grand Finals out of over 80 teams all over Asia. As the icing on the cake, they were also awarded as amongst the Top 10 Debaters in Asia out of nearly 400 participants. Wesley was 10th best; Shireen was 5th best. After a year-long career, we don't yet know if the pair will hit another tournament together again, but even if not, we stand proud knowing they are truly some of Malaysia's and Asia's finest.


Sunway B: Pre-Quarterfinalists, 20th Highest Ranking Team in Asia

Jadon and Rohan are some of SUNDEC's MVPs. On top of offering training to our juniors, keeping club morale high, and flying the Sunway flag high at numerous different tournaments, the duo outdid themselves at Asia British Parliamentary by coming home as the 20th highest ranking team in Asia- a title they have duly won. Although they valiantly bowed out at the Pre-Quarterfinals at ABP, they put up one of the strongest fights the club has ever seen. Fittingly, they both hold the same rank as the 41st best debaters in Asia. They are a team through and through.


Sunway’s Judges: Top 30 in Asia & Quarterfinals Judges

Raymond and Vignesh went to ABP as judges, which is oftentimes a thankless yet paramount responsibility to have. They have both spent weeks if not months preparing for it. For the first time in Sunway history, both were recognized as some of the top adjudicators at the tournament. They were given the trust to judge all the way until the Quarterfinals, a position given to only some of the most trustworthy judges. It appears SUNDEC can do it all: speak, judge, and come home proud.


Sunway C: Top 50% of Teams in Asia​

Cheng Zu and Ern See are some of the more veteran members of the club, having previously won the title of National Semifinalists. At Asia British Parliamentary, they pair put up an exemplary fight against some of Asia's finest teams, only missing out on progressing to the next stage by 1 point. Although they did not progress to the knock-out rounds, they still stood high as some of the top 30% of speakers in Asia. With a heavy heart, ABP was the pair's last tournament together as they part ways for university, but it was an exceptional time for all of us. Thank you and congratulations.


Sunway D: Top 55% of Teams in Asia

Halim and Kelley both have had a bit of experience in debate, and knew the odds were high at Asia British Parliamentary. They went into it with only the goal of having a fun time, so you can imagine the surprise they felt when they landed in the top 55% of the tournament- an incredible feat for a novice team who has so much more to offer the circuit. The performance they gave was immensely impressive, and it's only a matter of time before they bring home an award for themselves. As juniors in the club, we can't wait to see where they'll lead us next!


Sunway E: Top 45% of Speakers in Asia

Asia British Parliamentary (ABP) was Calvin and Ethan's first ever tournament as debaters, and despite the odds, they made us proud by still coming home as amongst the top 45% of speakers in the tournament. Although they did not break it amongst some of our more senior teams, it was still an amazing milestone for the pair. Coming into it as complete beginners, they put in hours of hard work to understand the sport and train alongside our other members, and have made SUNDEC's time at ABP one to remember. We can only hope to see what they do next in the club!