SUGSC Holds Corporate Talk on "Logistics Industry in Malaysia Post MCO" with Skynet Worldwide Express

On 11th November, SUGSC held a corporate talk entitled "Logistics Industry in Malaysia Post MCO" with Skynet Worldwide Express, one of the leading local carrier companies. We had approximately 80 participants that joined this insightful talk.

Firstly, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the speaker, Bee Yap Dr. Teo from Skynet, for the insightful sharing as our participants were able to gain more understanding about how logistics works and obtain knowledge related to the topic.

During the panel discussion, we are pleased to have Stella Ong Kim Yoke from Sunway Business School, as our moderator on having an interesting discussion with the speaker.

The panel discussion was followed by a meaningful Q&A session with Dr. Teo Bee Yap, where the participants asked questions and gained a better understanding of the logistics industry and the company as well.

Finally, thanks to everyone for coming to the event out of your busy schedules. This is our last corporate talk this year.