SMS Alumni Homecoming

Group photo with all the participants of the SMS Alumni Homecoming event.


The School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) Alumni Homecoming event was held on 18th June 2022 (Saturday), from 2pm to 6pm. The event was long-awaited as it was held physically at the JC 3 Hall and the Art Gallery, with over 100 participants, including Prof. Sibrandes Poppema, the President of Sunway University, Prof. Ho Chee Kit, the Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences, industrial partners, lecturers, alumni and students. 

Before the event started, the participants had the privilege to enjoy scrumptious refreshments at the Art Gallery while catching up with their friends. They also signed on the message boards and posted heartful messages on Padlet. Many also took the opportunities to take photos with their friends and seniors at the photo booth prepared.

At 3pm sharp, the event started with a video presentation portraying the milestones the School of Mathematical Science (SMS) has achieved over the past few years. Since its establishment in January 2017, SMS has progressed steadily throughout the years with notable achievements such as the QS highest 5-Star recognition awarded to the school’s BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Studies programmes in Dec 2021. Besides, the participants also got the opportunity to walk down memory lane, looking at photos of various events held previously, such as the first Asymposium organized by SAFE (Sunway Actuarial & Financial Excellence) in 2019 and industrial visits. 

After the video presentation, Professor Sibrandes Poppema, the President of Sunway University, was invited to the stage to deliver his opening speech. He commended how SMS has grown and reached new heights as tall as Mount Kota Kinabalu throughout the past few years. He also hoped for the school to continue to achieve excellence while achieving Sunway University’s goal of being the top university worldwide.

Following that, it was time for the Top Employer Award Ceremony. The Top Employer Award was given to employers in recognition of their support towards the students of the School of Mathematical Sciences. These recipients were announced in alphabetical order, and they are:

  1. Accenture
  2. AIA
  3. AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad
  4. CIMB
  5. Great Eastern Malaysia
  6. Hong Leong Bank
  7. Public Bank Berhad
Next, the recipients of the Outstanding Alumni Award were announced, and this was presented by Prof. Ho Chee Kit, the Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences. This award was proudly presented to a total of 19 recipients for their tremendous contribution to the school over the past years. The recipients of the Outstanding Alumni Award are:
  1. Arshad Muhamad Bin Abdul Malik
  2. Chang Yee Hong
  3. Chiu Li Qing
  4. Desmond Chong
  5. Gabriel Ng Zhu Liang
  6. Givaythaa A/P Ganisen
  7. Lim Wei Kit
  8. Lim You Sheng
  9. Loh Wan Chin
  10. Marcel Chang Jie Qin
  11. Melanie Yeow Chee Wei
  12. Ng Qian Yun
  13. Pui Yik Shen
  14. Tan Jun Jie
  15. Tan Lynn Wei
  16. Tay Choon Ming
  17. Thepan Ganesh A/L P Ravindran
  18. Victor Low Jian Ming
  19. Wai Chong Yin
An alumni sharing session followed afterwards, where some alumni shared their experience during their studies in Sunway University, as well as their experience as they entered the workforce. The panelists included Ms. Tan Lynn Wei, Ms. Givaythaa A/P Ganisen, and Mr. Arshad Muhamad bin Abdul Malik, with Mr. Gabriel Ng Zhu Liang who served as the moderator of the session.

During the sharing session, the panelists shared their fondest moments studying at Sunway University. The panelists reminisced the golden days of studying and finishing assignments in the library while enjoying hash brown sandwiches sold on the campus. Besides, they also provided some internship tips for those soon-to-be interns. A quote that stayed with the audience from the session would be “to learn and not earn” during the internship so that students could take the opportunity to determine whether they are suited for the challenging yet rewarding actuarial course.

Lastly, to end the event, Prof. Ho gave his closing speech. He urged the participants to cultivate good habits as the habitual actions we do unconsciously guide our future. Instilling good habits is imperative as success is not achieved overnight but through practising good habits consistently.

With the closing speech, it marked the end of the SMS Alumni Homecoming event, and the participants continued to network and engage with each other at the Art Gallery. All in all, the event was a success as it brought the industrial partners, alumni, students and lecturers closer together.

Image captions:
1. Participants signing on the message board.
2. Alumni taking photos at the photo booth to commemorate the event.
3. Professor Sibrandes Poppema delivering his opening speech.
4. Top Employer Award recipients.
5. Outstanding Alumni Award recipients.
6. From left to right: Ms. Tan Lynn Wei, Ms. Givaythaa A/P Ganisen, Mr. Arshad Muhamad bin Abdul Malik and Mr. Gabriel Ng Zhu Liang.
7. Prof. Ho giving his closing speech.
8. Students and alumni engaging in networking session in the Art Gallery.