Professor Yuka Fujimoto Elected DEI Representative-at-Large

Congratulations to Professor Yuka Fujimoto for being elected as Representative-at-Large for a 3-year term with the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) division of the Academy of Management (USA).

Yuka is ready to fully support the DEI division in whatever shape is needed to promote diversity and inclusion for everyone. Regarding notable diversity and inclusion service, she previously served as a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Theme (AOM) from 2014-2015 and as a co-editor for the special issue on migration 'management' for Inclusion for the Academy of Management Discoveries from 2020-2023.

Having lived in Japan, Australia, and Malaysia, she embraces every person's potential and unconditional worth, regardless of their backgrounds. In particular, she is passionate about amplifying marginalized voices both inside and outside organizational domains.

Prof. Yuka's profile: