How Does Ethical Climate Enhance Work–Family Enrichment? Insights From Psychological Attachment, Psychological Capital and Job Autonomy in the Restaurant Industry

"How does ethical climate enhance work–family enrichment? Insights from psychological attachment, psychological capital and job autonomy in the restaurant industry" has just been published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, an A-ranked journal by Emerald.

Using a mixed-methods quantitative-qualitative research design and a group of restaurant frontline employees as a case, Dr. Clement Cabral, Dr. Nishtha Malik, Sahil Gupta, and Prof. Lim Weng Marc highlight the importance of fostering and maintaining an ethical climate at work and how doing so can enhance psychological attachment and psychological capital, which, in turn, enrich work-family outcomes, albeit cautiously, due to the negative effect of job autonomy.

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