Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Southeast Asia Symposium

Within the context of Southeast Asia, heritage and culture plays an important role in tourism as this region possesses significant wealth in terms of historical assets and traditions. The recent Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Southeast Asia (HCTSA) symposium held on 15 September which was organised by the School of Hospitality and Service Management and supported by the Sustainable Business Research Cluster saw notable speakers within this field of expertise. They are:
Professor Emeritus Michael Hitchcock, Goldsmiths, University of London
Ms Lim Gaik Siang, President of the Penang Heritage Trust
Dr Teh Pek Yen, School of Hospitality and Service Management
Assoc Prof Dr Alexander Trupp, School of Hospitality and Service Management
Dr Fiona Wong E Chiong, School of Arts
This event discussed and reflected on research concerning heritage and cultural from a multidisciplinary perspective, representing different topical areas including food culture, heritage and conservation, and crafts. The event brought together academicians, postgraduate students and industry practitioners in exchange of thought and ideas in enabling and advocating for the preservation of heritage and culture within the region. During the networking lunch, Ms Hairani M Nur and Chef Norhafizatul Akma also presented an interesting session on food culture about tapioca. 
The organising committee of this event, Dr Teh Pek Yen mentioned that “Heritage and cultural values are precious yet fragile. It should be preserved to maintain the uniqueness of a place. Hence, self-awareness within the community is crucial. Through this HCTSA event, the School hopes that the message of cultural preservation, and local participation and awareness is passed on especially for the younger generations.”