Exploring the Benefits of Radiation Raahilah Zahir Essa's Innovative PhD Research

Irradiated patients are often believed to emit radiation that can harm others, but this is a misconception. Radiation is commonly viewed as harmful to humans, but it can also be beneficial. Diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy are two clinical applications that use radiation. Raahilah Zahir Essa is introducing a THIRD application of radiation through her PhD in Biology at the School of Medical and Life Sciences. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Ronald Teow, she is providing new insights into the use of radiation. Her research involves investigating the potential of using low-dose ionizing radiation to enhance the anti-cancer effects of non-cancerous cells on nasopharyngeal cancer cells. Raahilah won a silver award at the Universiti Malaya Research Carnival held on 8-10 January 2023, where she presented her findings in a research flash talk. Congratulations and best of luck with her PhD studies!