Dr. Wu Yuan Seng Awarded Incentive Grant for Neuropharmacology Research by YPOMNM

A big congratulations to Dr. Wu Yuan Seng in securing an incentive grant from YPOMNM (Brain, Mind and Neuroscience Research Foundation) to work on a neuropharmacology research project. The foundation was incorporated on the 28th July 2017 under the purview of the Legal Affairs Division, Prime Minister's Department (Malaysia). It was founded by Prof Dato' Dr. Jafri Malin Abdullah (Universiti Sains Malaysia) and Assoc. Prof Dr. Durriyyah Sharifah Hasan Adli (Universiti Malaya) in the hopes of supporting research into areas of neuroscience and neurobiology.

During the mock cheque ceremony, and Dr. Wu presented his research proposal to the founder and co-founder of YPOMNM with the support of the dean, Prof. Dr. Raja Affendi Raja Ali. The co-researchers from Sunway University were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yow Yoon Yen, Dr. Alan Tan Sang Loon, and Dr. Amar Daud Iskandar Abdullah, as well as from Universiti Perlis Malaysia and Monash University Malaysia. Also, a master’s candidate has been recruited to work on this research project. Well done to Dr. Wu and his team; looking forward to having more from you!

To those who would like to apply for an incentive grant from YPOMNM, please visit their website or visit their Facebook page