Diploma in Nursing Students Participated in a School Health Visit

5 nursing students from Sunway University’s Diploma in Nursing Group 2019/04 and Ms Mouckammal, the clinical instructor in-charge of the nursing students in “Klinik Kesihatan Port Klang”, had the opportunity to join the School Health Team to “Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kampung Jawa, Klang” for a school health visit. This school provides education to more than 1000 students including non-disabled and disabled students. This school health visit focuses mainly on Form 3 students which are 400 students. The nursing students were able to take turns to assist and perform procedures such as performing visual acuity test and giving anti-tetanus toxoid vaccine through intramuscular injection under the supervision of their clinical instructor and the School Health Team. Other than performing these procedures, the nursing students also helped in documentation and ensured that the Form 3 students were in a proper queue to see the doctors for their check-up. Overall, the nursing students and the clinical instructor in-charge had a great time and experience in this school health visit.