CE Workshop: Enhancing Life-long Learning for Clinical Instructors

After a slow start in the beginning of 2020, the Department of Nursing gathered momentum to organize a continuous education workshop for the clinical instructors (CIs) in 24 September 2020. This exciting yet continuous education workshop was called “Reflections on clinical supervision and competency”, where a talk on this topic was given by Ms. Usha Rani Somu. The workshop also includes an OSCE lasting 20 minutes, coordinated by Ms. Rosy Abdul Rashid. CIs are given a scenario based and required to undertake 2 practical clinical skills and 1 pen and paper specific to pharmacology and clinical nursing skills that nurses will encounter. Assessors were Ms. Yong May Len, Ms. Noor Hazlisa Che Seman, Ms. Usha and Ms Rosy. A total of 10 CIs participated the CE workshop with Assoc Prof Dr. Soon overseeing the OSCE activities.

Clinical supervision can be a positive and rewarding experience for the clinical instructors (CIs) and the nursing students. It also poses many challenges that require the CIs to stay abreast of best practices. CIs thus play an important role in securing nursing students’ learning, helping them to build on previously acquired skills and knowledge, to obtain new skills, and on how to become a proficient nurse.


Chinese Proverb: Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere