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Sunway In The News

Sunway In The News

Western Michigan University students at Sunway!

In mid-May, Sunway University played host to a group of Master’s students from Western Michigan University (WMU) as part of their Higher Education Tour. Although Sunway’s partnership with WMU has spanned almost 3 decades, this is the first such visit and we are glad for this expansion of our collaboration.


Held on 7 May 2016, Saturday

FST: Congratulations to AP Dr Ruqaiyyah and Prof Naveed!

FST is proud to announce that Assoc. Prof. Dr Ruqaiyyah & Prof. Naveed have published a book titled “Brain-eating Amoebae” by the International Publisher!

FST Teams Won 5 Silver Awards at ITEX 2016!

FST Teams won 5 Silver Awards at ITEX 2016, which held on 12-14 May in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre !

Sunway University and SAS Malaysia Collaborates

The Faculty of Science and Technology at Sunway University recently launched its new programme, the BSc (Hons) Information Systems (Business Analytics) which focuses on the study of technologies and analytical skills, with core subjects on data mining, business intelligence, knowledge management, social media analytics and big data analytics in the Cloud.

Freshies Night: Neon 2016

“It’s 7.00PM, open the doors.”

Walkie-talkies across the hall buzzed in unison – it was the order issued by project leaders of the event, Yoon Peili and Angel Johnny Ting. In a blink of an eye, 1500 students flooded the Jeffrey Cheah Hall.


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