Why Study Here?

School of Arts


Programmes Offered in Partnership with Lancaster University, UK

On successful completion of many of our programmes, students will also be awarded with a degree from Lancaster University, one of the top 10 universities in the UK. Students on these programmes will be awarded two certificates, making them graduates of both Sunway University and Lancaster University.

Industry-Relevant Programmes

Our students will be taught and guided by distinguished academics who are also active artists in their respective fields, having exhibited, performed and lectured throughout the world. We believe that the study of creative arts should be grounded not only in theoretical teachings, but also relevant to changing industry needs. Our programmes are designed to produce graduates equipped with the expertise and skills required to flourish in their chosen profession.

Leading-Edge Facilities

We provide advanced infrastructure that enhances the teaching and learning process of our students. From a music recording studio to a screening room, our students have plenty of opportunities to develop and refine their practical skills in the creative arts.


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