Diploma in Interior Design
JPT / BPP(U)( (R2/214/4/0207/ A8679) 3/23

School of Arts


About The Programme

This programme allows you to explore the art and science of enhancing interior spaces to make it aesthetically pleasing to the end user. Interior spaces no longer just meet functional and practical requirements, they are crucial to how we experience life, work and play.

Inspiring new developments in technology and materials has created countless opportunities for the creative professional who chooses to pursue interior design. You will be equipped with the principles and theories of interior design before you begin to explore your creative potential through the many hands-on interior design activities as part of your curriculum. 

With the support of experienced lecturers, you will discover the intricacies of space planning, design processes and visual aspects of presentations as well as concepts relating to building materials, furniture design, building construction, project specifications and professional ethics. During the programme, you would also have opportunities to participate in industry competitions and real world projects.



January, March & August



2 Years 6 Months (full-time)


Career Prospects

  • Interior Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Event Designer
  • Model Maker
  • Display Artist
  • 3D Visualiser
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Retail Designer
  • Signage & Experience Designer

Programme Structure

  • Principles of Design (2D)
  • Principles of Design (3D)
  • Drawing Studies
  • Architectural Graphics
  • Interior Design 1
  • Model Making
  • Building Construction
  • Furniture Design 1
  • History of Interior Design
  • Colour, Materials and Finishes
  • English for Artists and Designers

  • Interior Design 2
  • Building Services
  • Furniture Design 2
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Intro to Design Proposal Writing
  • Specification and Contract
  • Advanced Computer Aided Design
  • Professional Practice
  • Interior Design 3

  • Computer Graphics 1
  • Digital Photography
  • Ceramics

  • Interior Design Final Year Project
  • Practical Training

for Local Student
  • Malaysian Studies 2
  • Moral Education / Islamic Studies
  • Community Service
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A (applicable to students who did not sit for SPM or did not obtain a Credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu)

for International Student
  • Malay Language for Communication 1
  • Moral Education / Islamic Studies
  • Community Service


Entry Requirement

SPM / O-Level
Pass with minimum 3 credits (including a pass in Art /Technical Drawing / Portfolio)

Pass with minimum 3 Grade Bs (including a pass in Art /Technical Drawing / Portfolio)


Specific Requirements

*Pass a portfolio review and interview conducted by the university.

Why is a Portfolio necessary?
A Portfolio provides some indication of your ability in design and allows us to assess your creative potential.

What should a Portfolio Contain?
A Portfolio should contain three examples of drawings in any media.


Other Qualifications

Any other equivalent qualifications
Applicant with no standard qualification will be considered on a case-to-case basis


English Requirements

Sunway Intensive English Programme (IEP)
Pass Level 4 with minimum 50%



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