School of Mathematical Sciences

School of Mathematical Sciences

Research Overview

The School of Mathematical Sciences champions interdisciplinary research in the field of mathematical sciences that is both theoretically-driven and strong in real-world applicability. From mathematical modelling to applied statistics and risk management, our research demonstrates the beauty of numbers and algorithms, and their usefulness in decision-making and problem-solving.

A major research area that the School is currently involved in is the mathematical modelling of ecological systems of fresh water bodies. One notable project from this area of research looks into water quality enhancement of Sunway Lagoon lake, an integral component of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Sunway City, Malaysia.

Other research focuses overseen by the School’s three Academic Departments are as follows:

Department of Actuarial Science and Risk

  1. Financial modelling
  2. General insurance (property and casualty)
  3. Mortality/Morbidity/Longevity of a population
  4. Risk management


Department of Applied Statistics

  1. Applications of statistics in finance and insurance
  2. Applied probability
  3. Applied stochastic processes
  4. Medical statistics
  5. Time series modelling


Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics

  1. Combinatorics
  2. Fluid dynamics
  3. Graph theory
  4. High performance computing
  5. Mathematical modelling
  6. Mathematical programming
  7. Neural networks and metaheuristic algorithms
  8. Numerical methods
  9. Linear algebra
  10. Simulation


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