Why Study Here?

School of Healthcare and Medical Sciences


Highly Qualified Academics

We comprise a team of academics who are from internationally well-known universities and have extensive experience in teaching and research for academic excellence. In addition to teaching and research, they also have substantial industry and/or clinical experience that will equip students with a more holistic approach to healthcare-related education.

Research Excellence

We have formed extensive research collaborations with both national and international universities and institutions. The result of these collaborations has led to numerous research projects and scientific publications in diverse areas of medical and healthcare. Our extensive connections with these universities and institutions also provide students with the opportunity to undergo placement or observation sessions under distinguished researchers.

We have also established the Centre for Radiation Sciences, a specialist research centre that focuses on health sciences, studies in protection of the environment and the needs of various industries including both non-nuclear and nuclear fuel cycle industries.

State-of-the-art Laboratory

The School houses the state-of-the-art Sunway Molecular Medicine Laboratory where researchers and students have opportunities to engage in translational research and clinical molecular diagnostics. Three separated rooms within the laboratory designated for clinical molecular diagnostics are currently being assessed for ISO 15189 accreditation.


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