Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is made up of passionate academics actively pursuing research that spans across various fields in psychology including organisational psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, personality psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, positive psychology and cross-cultural psychology.

Some of our research areas of interest include:

  1. Cross-cultural investigation on infant face perception
  2. Cross-cultural psychometric development
  3. Decision-making and sense-making
  4. Dyad relationship between employees in organisations
  5. Effectiveness of educational curriculums
  6. Effects of tonal and intonational variation on word learning
  7. Empathic concern in infants and older adults
  8. Healthy cognitive and emotional development in children
  9. Managing risky behaviours
  10. Mental health literacy and factors contributing to well-being in academia and the community
  11. Mental representations of health and illness
  12. Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  13. National differences in cognition
  14. Organisational contexts (i.e. culture, climate, leadership, human resource management) on employees’ outcomes
  15. Organisational resources, job resources and individual resources
  16. Personality and health-impairing behaviour
  17. Predicting the emotions of a user based on walking patterns
  18. Psychosocial consequences of traumatic injuries or chronic illness, for both individuals and their familial caregivers
  19. Quality of life in old age
  20. Stress coping and social support
  21. Suicide risk factors among university students
  22. Teamwork in organisations
  23. The physical and social environments of residential care home of older people in Malaysia
  24. Trust and mistrust development in organisations


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