The School of Medical and Life Sciences is proud to have established the Sunway Molecular Medicine Laboratory, primarily operated by our Department of Medical Sciences. The laboratory engages in two arms of research— translational research and clinical molecular diagnostics. The translational research arm is led by highly active university researchers comprising a molecular biologist, a cell biologist, a radiation biologist and a geneticist, and a group of Sunway University school-affiliated clinicians and specialists.

Three separated rooms designated for clinical molecular diagnostics are currently being assessed for ISO 15189 accreditation. Once the accreditation is complete, it will be opened for cancer-related molecular testing such as KRAS, EGFR, BRAF and JAK2 mutation tests using FDA-approved platforms and workflows.

With the laboratory, we aim to bridge the gap between research and clinical medicine by conducting high-impact translational research and implementing advanced technologies and practices into molecular diagnostic testing in Malaysia. We also aim to produce high-quality postgraduates and accelerate the adoption of new molecular tests into clinical care.


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