School of Hospitality and Service Management

School of Hospitality

Research Overview

The School of Hospitality and Service Management embraces an interdisciplinary approach to research with a focus on the following regions:

  1. Southeast Asia (especially Malaysia)
  2. East Asia (especially South Korea)
  3. Middle East (especially the Arabian Peninsula)
  4. South Pacific Islands (especially Polynesia and Melanesia)


Our academics are engaged in specific fields of research covering the following three subject areas:


  1. Flow theory and the experience economy
  2. Halal tourism
  3. Heritage tourism
  4. MICE tourism and sports tourism
  5. Perceptions and behaviour patterns of tourists
  6. Qualitative and ethnographic methodologies
  7. Slow tourism
  8. Tourism and citizenship (rights and responsibility, race, ethnicity, and religion)
  9. Tourism and environmental impact



  1. Food and beverage management
  2. Food choice and behaviour
  3. Food sustainability
  4. Halal food production and consumption
  5. Nutritional well-being
  6. Traditional and indigenous food



  1. Co-branding
  2. Hotel operations
  3. Hotel selection
  4. Islamic and Arab hospitality
  5. Service marketing


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